“At HERBETOM we believe in constant innovation
as a means of developing and growing”.


Extensive and comprehensive experience in the natural ingredients we import and produce right from the moment they start growing..

Constant and reliable quality, from the raw materials right through to the end products.

Scientific, regulatory, technical and marketing support. Research and innovation to identify and optimise the natural properties of the ingredients and scientifically confirm their health benefits (in vivo and in vitro testing, clinical studies).

Our products contain concentrated juices, therapeutic plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, marine extracts we call physiologically active compounds that can be used as nutritional supplements, functional food or cosmetics.

Our products have 3 functions:

  • Cell nutrition to improve performance.
  • Physiological effect that improves the symptoms.
  • Antioxidant to prevent diseases.


We developed our very first product over 27 years ago, and right from the start we were convinced that natural medicine could be produced with the same guarantees of safety and effectiveness as allopathic products.

We put all our efforts into offering the best product, the most complete product, with standardised quality and rejecting elements that could be toxic.

At the start we were helped by the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation of the University of Barcelona. In order to achieve this, we have developed a team of professionals consisting of doctors, pharmacists, biologists, chemists, naturopaths and other experts in medicinal plants. Over the last few years we have added psychologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists and nurses to our team to gain information from all points of view when it comes to developing our products.

We have agreements with universities and technological centres regarding training as well as research for new products.



The aim of complementary medicine (mistakenly called alternative medicine), is to achieve a harmonious and balanced state of health for people. The healing processes do not focus exclusively on applying techniques that reduce or eliminate specific symptoms and that can, in fact, cause other symptoms and conceal problems instead of curing them. Naturopathic treatment goes beyond this: it strives to get to the root of the problem, to explore the origins of the illness by using the internal resources of the patient and restoring authentic inner balance (the mind and body are inseparable)

In Biological Medicine-Naturopathy the person is assessed completely.<

The body is treated as a whole, checking the links between the different areas of the body and the organs that may be involved in each process.

In Biological Medicine-Naturopathy all the features of an individual are assessed, both physical as well as mental, because each person is unique; there are no illnesses, just ill people and different ways of becoming ill.

Biological Medicine is not an alternative medicine but an alternative within medicine.

The aim of Biological Medicine – Naturopathy is "to stimulate the body’s self-healing forces", so that everything functions normally.

There are two facets within Biological Medicine - Naturopathy: prevention and treatment of illnesses.

We can stimulate our body’s self-healing forces by altering our lifestyle, diet,… so our immune system starts working properly again. 

To do this we need to study what toxins are present in our body (heavy metals), alterations of a dental nature, food that isn’t good for us, frequent disorders in the rest or workplace, check to see if there is intestinal permeability, an amino acid deficiency, etc. .

We need to assess the patient as a whole (not just using laboratory tests), and to do this we need to carry out a correct diagnosis and develop personalised therapy that includes appropriate nutritional support, treatments with specific biophysical techniques, orthomolecular supplementation, phytotherapy, homeopathy, ....

Biological Medicine – Naturopathy encompasses a large number of therapies that aim to re-establish the natural self-healing mechanisms we all have:

  • Principle of stimulus-response
  • Interruption and elimination of pathological or toxic loads.
  • Integral harmonisation of the body.
  • Effectiveness of the selected stimuli
  • Activation of self-healing forces.

Nutraceuticals with a bioregulating effect are made up of different active principles of vegetable, organic, mineral and marine origin, with the right concentration of active ingredients to work quickly and effectively, that stimulate the self-regulating mechanisms of the body and help to prevent or combat diseases and restore biological balance.

We use them in Preventive, Predictive and Genomic Medicine, as well as in Regulating or Nutritional Medicine, with the aim of balancing the patient.